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B,tVS - Season 2, Lie To Me.

Just seen that it was on the 10th June I watched Hallowean ... and I am only just able to get round to watching more of season 2 tonight.  Toni's youngest daughter came and borrowed my DVDs ... and I only got them back again last week.  So, after Mum, Dad and Jiffy left this evening I did the washing up and settled down with a mug of tea to watch the next episode - 

Lie To Me.

What a great title:-

First Dru offers to walk a young lad safely home.  Although she does then tell the truth when she calls Angel "My Angel" as he greets her.

Then Ford tells Buffy that he has moved to Sunnydale to be at school.

Angel tells Buffy that he had not left his room the previous evening, had just stayed in and read.

Buffy tells Ford that he had seen her watching a cat-fight, when he catches her slaying.

Ford tells Diego that he s going to arrange for all the group to die young (well that bit is true) and stay pretty (yes, another lie). 

Then you have a couple of great scenes.  
Firstly Willow, Xander and Angel at the club ... getting in with a lie, of course (Friends of Ford).  The scene is lovely, with Angel talking down Chanterelle, but not actually giving her the reason why she is wrong in her beliefs.  Then as they leave, with Angel telling X & W that these people know nothing about vampires ... only to bump into someone dressed identically!
Then you cut to the school - and it is lovely to see Giles and Jenny chatting, with Buffy joining in the banter about theri trip to the Monster-Trucking.  It was so sad that Giles and Jenny couldn't have had longer together - so unsuited on the surface, and yet a lovely couple.

This last scene also brings another lie ... in fact "two for the price of one" when Giles describes Dru as :-
"The sometimes paramour of Spike, who was killed by an angry mob"
How much more wrong can you get?

As Ford goes to see Spike, you get to see firther of Spike and Dru's century long relationship.
Spike starts off by questioning Dru about what she has been doing and is obviously jealous of Angel.
Yet, when Ford arrives he is annoyed and goes to attack, only to be stopped by one word from Dru.
Again, you see both of their acting abilities ... and also James' comic touch when he quotes back to Ford, as requested.

 When Angel goes to confront Buffy with what he has found out about Ford, he finds himself being asked about Drusilla.  He says that :-
"Some lies are necessary.  Sometimes the truth is worse"
I don't know - maybe he has a point - there are some things that maybe it is easier to lie about ... But, there is also the phrase - Truth will out.  So maybe, in most cases, it is easier to tell the truth first, then having to be found out in a lie.

And so to Buffy meeting eith the vampire wanabees ... and yes, there in the backgroung is a Spike look-alike (Well there ahd to be, as there had been an Angel).

Buffy still was able to see the big pictue, even while hearing sad news of her childhood friend ... Maybe that's an advantage of being the Slayer, she sees so much death, that she can accept the fact that Ford is terminally ill.  And, she is sad about his decisions.

Much is said about Spike's devotion to Dru.  This scene is the one that is usually quoted ... And quite rigthly so.  It shows Spike's devotion to his lady and his position as a Master Vampire, in that he can stop his minions from feeding.  And, he risks upsetting his minions for the love of his life.

Then, at the end, Buffy realises that maybe it is good to hear a lie and while in the graveyard, she asks Giles to lie.

Maybe we need to hear that more often ...

The good guys will win and you will always know which are the bad guys.

It is a good episode - and nice to see Angel working with Willow and Xander to try to help Buffy.  At this point of the story it is an ideal situation - with most of the main "good guys" getting on to a certain point, and all are working for a common cause.

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