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Perfection Personified .... Well, Almost!

As I walked up the track to DJ's field this morning he walked down towards me, so we actually met up in the gateway.  Conrad came over as well, worried he was missing something, no doubt.

Anyway, DJ walked calmly in and straight towards his box, even past a load of packing cases that were in his way.

As we were early he had a full groom - I even trimmed the top inch of his mane, the backs of his legs ... and his ears.  I combed his tail and mane, and then plaited them.   Just as I had finished that Toni brought in Badger and Junior and I stood chatting to her while she was grooming Junior.  I then went to tack up DJ to find he had managed to loosen his mane - so it was all un-doing!!!  So, as I said ... not quite perfect.  However he stood and let me re-do it.

Toni tacked up Junior and we got on - DJ and I did the gate - both opening and closing it, and then proceeded down the road towards the village.

We got as far as the road to the woods when we spotted the farmers moving cattle, so we waited for them to go before moving on and into the woods.

We walked down to the bottom and then turned and cantered back up.  Poor DJ was puffed by the top as Junior is fast and has a long stride, so he had to go fast to keep up with her pace.  I did point out that this was why he was plaitted ... Hope he rememebers that for future reference!

So back home - and time to be thoroughly sponged down and then left a short time to rleax, before a small feed a back to his field.

So - I can honesty say I had a really special morning ... Thank you, DJ.
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