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A Very Full Tummy ... A Very Good Boy

I arrived at toni's this morning to find DJ had "moved house" over the weekend .... Toni had moved him and Conrad the previous day, and judging by both their waistlines, they had been eating ever since!

Still he walked in quite happily and straight into his box, where he stood and enjoyed the relaxation of a good groom ... complete with plaits, today.

Toni brought in Smudge, who had also been in a different field and eaten too much ... and off we headed.

In actual fact DJ was great once out and about - maybe he knew he had some calories to burn off, or something!

We went down, past the farm and round to the track which we cantered back up.  It was a great ride - overcast, but warm ... at least with his plait I didn't cook the poor boy!

Once back, it was a short break before he had cooled down enough to get his short feed ... and so back to his field, complete with halo, so he could tell Conrad what a good boy he had been!
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