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MEME - 6 Subjects On My Profile Page

I was tagged by kaczurda   to answer about 6 items on my profile page that I list as interests.

I think I have answered a couple before, but I am not busy this morning so am catching up with some items - so under the cut are some thoughts on :-

Andromeda, Clarinet, Marx Brothers, Sharpe, Star Trek, Voyager, Torchwood.


I had seen Kevin Sorbo in Hercules (and liked him in that) so when I saw a new Sci Fi was going to be on the screen I decided to watch it.  

The first few seasons were great ... as ever an odd mix of aliens working together to beet a common enemy, and even one of the enemy fighting to overcome this threat (Mmmmm sound familiar!).  Kevin Sorbo played the Captain, who had ended up in stasis and waking up 300 years in his future so he had to cope with this major threat without the comfort of home and family.

Then of course there were the guest stars ... and one in particular ... not a spoiler as you all know who I mean.  Sorry, couldn't resit a picture.!!



When I was 10 I heard the piece of music "Peter and the Wolf" which was written to both tell a story, but also to show off various instruments in an orchestra.  I just loved the sound of the cat, as portrayed by the clarinet.

I nagged Mum and Dad and eventually they got me a second-hand instrument.  I had a couple of lessons, went to a Saturday morning music school and never really practiced.  When I think back to what I missed!!!!  I struggled to keep up the pretense of playing till I was 16 ... then it got packed away!  When I was 25 we moved to my present location and I found my clarinet at the back of a cupboard.  Soon after moving my Mum was speaking to the wrong person and the next thing I know I get handed a sheet of music to play for a Church service in 3 weeks time.  Even sillier, I agreed!

We had a small music group and then I joined a small mixed group of beginners ... 8 in number, which has now grown to a Concert Orchestra.  I am the only one of those 8 still playing and I was lucky to be able to grow with the orchestra.  I play 1st clarinet ... refuse to do solos, but a couple of years ago we actually played "Peter and the Wolf" ... and it is a hard piece to learn!!

I now also play in 2 Concert Wind Bands ... but still don't practice enough!


My Dad loves Marx Brothers so we grew up watching them.

When you are a kid you can laugh at their antics, their jokes, Harpo's lack of voice, Chico's accent.

As an adult you see their family harmony, their amazing wit and repartee and their musical talent.  Chico was a great pianist and Harpo was OK at piano- but was a concert harpist..

If you haven't seen one then do - Watch "A Night At The Opera" , "Duck Soup" or "The Big Store"


This series of books and TV shows is based in The Napoleonic Wars and manly follows the life of Richard Sharpe who is promoted from Sargeant to Lieutenant by Wellington.  It shows how somone not born into nobility copes with life in the early 19th century, and the battle campain that was fought during those years.

If you haven't seen any then do watch the first one especially - as that starts with his promotion and then a battle behind enemy lines.

Richard Sharpe is played by Sean Bean ... another reason to watch the show!


I am not a trekkie - don't really follow the original series, although one of my brothers did, so I knew what it was about.

I like Start Trek, Next Generation, but not Deep Space 9.  

I will admit when I heard of this series I thought it would be too politically correct for me! ... A woman captain, a black vulcan, a native American ... To me it seemed like they were trying to pre-sell the series.

However I ended up watching the first couple of episodes as Toni's video wouldn't record and she asked to me tape it for her husband ... And, to my suprise, I enjoyed it.

The storyline is such that the crew are stranded and have to pull together ... which means that you get to know the characters.  Some other shows can have people coming and going, this couldn't.  Will they - Won't they get home is always a good basis for a story.  There were arguments, deaths, love, and even birth.  But they didn't take away from the overall story arc.

I am still a fan - and have the DVDs!


And no spoilers!

I have always been a Dr Who fan ... with my favourite being David Tennant.  So when I heard there was going to be a spin-off I was really pleased.

However I will admit I was disappointed by the first episode ... so didn't watch the second.  I inadvertently bumped into the 3rd, which I enjoyed, so was hooked.

Like Voyager, I like the fact that it is a team that you see working together - again to save the world (Seems like I have a common theme here!).  I will admit I am not a John Barrowman fan - but like his character (most of the time) ... then of course there are the guest stars ... and yes, one in particular!!!!!  I like the thought that Cardiff is on an Alien fault line ... and I can say that having lived in North Wales for a time ... it is great to think of an ordinary city going on with its life, while this is occuring below it.

So, there you have it - some more about me!

If you want me to ask you half-a-dozen from your list of interests, then I will ... if not, just "enjoy" learning more about my weird brain!!

Tags: andromeda, clarinet, marx brothers, meme, sharpe, star trek voyager, torchwood
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