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Procrastination Rules!!

Procrastination Rules ... Again.

I should be ironing, but instead snagged this from

auntiero   and ended up as a form of Martial Arts I had never ever heard of, so thought I would share.

Hope you are managing to stay dry ... for those of us in Europe, anyway.

Your result for The "What's Your Romance/Martial Arts Style?" Test...


Capoeira (Regional)

You scored 57% romantic, 50% modern, 24% aggressive and 71% sensual!

You're capoeira, you sexy beast!

You can read people like a book, and you love to show off your creativity. This makes you a very empathetic person.

Perhaps because of your high romantic ideals, you sometimes have trouble getting close to people. In fact, you are expected to avoid directly touching them.

Compared to your Angola friends, you take things a little faster, and are more... athletic.

Pragmatic - Old-Fashioned - Receptive - Thoughtful: Judo

Pragmatic - Old-Fashioned - Receptive - Sensual: Pankration

Pragmatic - Old-Fashioned - Aggressive - Thoughtful: Taekwondo

Pragmatic - Old-Fashioned - Aggressive - Sensual: Muay Thai

Pragmatic - Modern - Receptive - Thoughtful: Krav Maga

Pragmatic - Modern - Receptive - Sensual: Jeet Kune Do

Pragmatic - Modern - Aggressive - Thoughtful: Combat Sambo

Pragmatic - Modern - Aggressive - Sensual: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Romantic - Old-Fashioned - Receptive - Thoughtful: Ba Gua Zhang

Romantic - Old-Fashioned - Receptive - Sensual: Capoeira (Angola)

Romantic - Old-Fashioned - Aggressive - Thoughtful: Pencak Silat

Romantic - Old-Fashioned - Aggressive - Sensual: Monkey Kung Fu

Romantic - Modern - Receptive - Thoughtful: Aikido

Romantic - Modern - Receptive - Sensual: Capoeira (Regional)

Romantic - Modern - Aggressive - Thoughtful: Competitive Wushu

Romantic - Modern - Aggressive - Sensual: Savate

Take The "What's Your Romance/Martial Arts Style?" Test at HelloQuizzy


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