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Remind Me Again - Why Do We Love Our Animals?

As I drove to see him this morning it was awful weather, as it had been over night, so decided to give him another lazy day.

I walked out to his field, to find that he was HIDING behind Conrad. Yes - as I walked towards him he reversed further round his companion.

When I got there I discovered part of the reason. He looked well, and dry ... in a rug ... NOT HIS ONE! We walked in and he didn't answer why he had Smudge's spare rug on. When we got to his box I discovered why. There was his rug - still wet - inside and out ... a missing belly strap and the 2 buckles on the chest were both completely broken. Looked like he had fun!!!!!

As I was continuing to ask what had happened I got 1/2 an answer. Toni came out to tell me that she had spotted him (naked) when she was on her way out to friends on Sunday - so she took out the other rug - at which point DJ decided she had just gone out to play. So she got very muddy, wet, frustrated and late - all for the sake of making sure that he didn't suffer in this wet weather!!

So - All in all DJ IS A VERY POPULAR BOY !!
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