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One Good Boy ... One Brave Boy

He progresses ... after yesterday, i didn't think he could improve, but today he was even better.

It was raining when I arrived so i actually sat in the car and listened to another couple of tracks of the CD ... Ghost of the Robot, in case you wondered.  Then I went out to sir's field and collected him. 

He walked in briskly and when we got to the yard I walked him into the stables and into his box.  It had been ages since he had been in there.  It wasn't till we were there I realised that he had to walk past loads of show-jumping poles and tins of paint ... and over his door were hanging his numnar and my flourescent jacket from yesterday ... But he walked straight in.

He was good while being groomed, and then let me undo the gate as we left the yard ... as Toni was riding Badger and leading Junior. 

We walked behind the others and he kept a steady calm pace, not flinching at either the traffic or the puddles.  We only went as far as the farm and back, but just as we were about to turn Badger loose shoe came off.  as it was in the middle of the road it had to be collected - so I had to get off, pick it up and get back on ... Again a good boy!

Then back home ... he did glare at one patch of dry road, I must admit, but din't slow his pace so I am not complaining.

So - back to his box and a feed before going back to his field ... where he could show off to Conrad what a special boy he had been.
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