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Now I Am Worried!

I had a good boy on my hands today!

So, what is he saving himself up for ... or maybe it was his way of saying Thank You for his new saddle that he had this morning.  As he has put on weight his other saddle wasn't lying brilliantly, so I bought an old one from Toni, which fitted him beautifully.

As I had to change styrrups etc I was rushing in the end, but he just stood and got plaited and tacked without any fidgiting.

We went out with Toni and Smudge, Sue and Painter (who had travelled over to joing the Wednesday outing) and Ros ... on a bike!  Yes, Cherry has sold and she hasn't picked up her youngster yet, so she cycled with us.

We went to the Church and back ... and even though Smudge and Painter spooked at lots and DJ had a cycle next to him for a lot of the way he was a good boy.

The only downside of the morning was the rain - yes, it started raining as we left Toni's ... and stopped when we returned!!

Still it was a good ride - with a very good boy

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