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Once He Was Awake He Was Great ... But ...

... When we left Toni's I did wonder if he had left his brain in his field.

DJ had been a good boy when he came in and while I was grooming him.  He was fine as I tacked him and got on ... but as Smudge & Toni, he & I left the garden ... things changed!

We headed towards the forestry ... and just past the gate DJ's brain was elsewhere!  Mind you everything happened all at once -
    a)  Smudge stopped to "lift his tail"
    b)  A man walked out of the opposite drive.
    c)  A car came behind us, and a van in front.
    d)  There were 2 chickens in the hedge ... and then another decided to cross the road in front of us ...
So at that point all jokes about chickens crossing the road were too much for a poor boy ... Heading back home seemed the easy option ... well, until he realised that was getting him told off 

So, he deided on the lesser of many evils and "walked" up the road!

After that he was actually very good - well, except for trying to avoid his favourite oily patch on the road!!

We didn't go as far as we had planned as Smudge was tired!  He had changed fields over the weekend and eaten toooooooo much.  So after about 10 mins along the track we turned back and headed home.

So, overall it did DJ good, as once he was awake he really walked out smartly ... he doesn't realise it, but chances are he will have to go on a diet soon, so some steady fast walking will have done him good.

The carrot he had on the way back to his field, he shared with me ... so again better for his waste line (and I was hungry - but I only told him he was sharing!!)

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