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One Pampered Pony!

Yes - He was one pampered boy today.

Well he came in having given himself his normal mud-"facial" so I decided that as my friend wasn't riding then I would just give his Highness a good groom.

So 1 1/2 hours later he is polished - his mane and tail have been combed - he has been cuddled and chatted to. All he has had to do was to stand around nibbling at hay - well when he wasn't just standing snoozing. As you can see in the picture behind the cut he does have a beautiful long mane and tail.

This photograph was taken last Spring - and the horse in the background is Smudge, who has shared a lot of DJ's recent adventures.  Please note those cheekbones - now who else can we think of with similar?

Anyway, he was looking great - so I tried to get him to promise not to roll, not to gallop and splash himself ... BUT ...!!!

So I fed him and then rode him out to his field - the main problem with that was that he had his rug back on - and as it had rained last night it was still wet on the outside ... so shall I draw a picture, or just say "Yuk!"
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