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Further to my day of epiphany here (for those who missed it) ... I want you all to challenge me!

I said, when I challenged myself and wrote a drabble from a challenge that hollydb posted (.... here for those who missed that. ); that I wanted to get back and do some more writing. I have been meaning to psot this for some time, but have put it off in case I can't meet that task. However .... that's the whole point of a challenge, isn't it?

So - here is your task, should you choose to accept it -

Pick a subject from any of my fandoms ... Decide on an opening line .... Give me a title .... That is up to you!

What I promise to do is write a drabble - or a short one-shot. I can't guarantee that you will see the result immediately - but I will do it soon - promise!

So - now it's up to you!! 

Tags: challenge, drabble, story

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