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Bambi is alive and well - and living in North Devon

Today Rags and Ros and DJ and I headed out on our next adventure - starting off going through some of the amazing woods again.  The weather was superb - sunny and calm - so seeing the trees beginning to bud, seeing snowdrops and the start of the bluebells growing was set to make a beautiful ride - when Ros pointed out that we were being watched - by a Fallow Deer.  It was above us and behind some bushes, but it was looking at us as if to say what a priviledge we had - and I had to agree.  It was a very special moment.

The ride continued on - past a local riding stables, where Ros and I swapped horses for a time, as she had been having some back problems and wondered how DJ felt - and if I had any problems with Rags.  All seemed OK - but will admit, although Rags was great it was nice to be back onto DJ again.

We were out for 2 1/2 hours of gorgeous scenery and amazing February weather - and being watched by Bambi making the morning a very special time.

By the time I got DJ back to his stable he was more interested in carrots and as to when he could get out to his field and have a roll, rather than his admirer in the woods ... Men!
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