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What A Monday Morning!!

I didn't know whether, in the end, I should have just gone back home and back to bed ... and start the day again!  

To start with I had an early start ... not great ... but Toni is going away today and so we left the yard at 8.20am.  Even DJ decided that was too early!

When I went out to his field, both he and Conrad were lying down.  at the sound of their gate they sat up slightly ... but by the time I had walked over Conrad was flat out again.  I clipped on DJ's rope to his head collar and still he sat there - so a gave a slight tug on the rope ... He moved ... he lay down!  I pulled again and, evenyually, after having a good long, slow stretch he stood up ... then stood waiting for his carrot!  Two paces across the field he had to stop again ... poor boy ... I was making him work hard!  As we walked towards the yard he did get woken up by some birds flying out of the hedge ... so by the time he was "in" he was almost awake!

Toni brought in Junior and while we were tacking up she was telling me about her weekend - she had taken Smudge and Badger to a show ... Smudge had a 6th and a 1st in two show-jumping classes, while Badger had a 3rd in a ridden- show class.  Mind you the highlight of the day had been when Badger had tried getting out of the horse-box while Toni was competing Badger - and got himself trapped onto a bar ... while still in the box.  Fortuneately a passer-by noticed his predicament and was able to get both help from other riders as well as getting it announced.  He is no worse for wear today ... but it could have been a major problem.

Anyway - we went up to the farm and back as toni didn't want Junior to get too hot.  She gave me a 5 minute lesson as well ... so that was handy at reminding me where my feet should be to move a horse sideways.  DJ was basically a good boy - there was lots of traffic ... although the carrier bag in the hedge gave him cause for concern!

Just as we came to a T-junction a car came up behind us - this is the one we met last year with the savage dog tied in the back ... the one that scared DJ and Smudge and started off major insecurity problems.  yes - DJ did spook .... but nowhere near as bad as last time.  This time he also calmed quickly ... and when a few minutes later another car came past he only flinched and didn't spook.  So, really I was pleased with him.

So back - and he actually hadn't got as hot as I had thought he would ... so he was able to be fed - and back to his field.  

Well that had been the plan ... but Kai (Toni's Staffordshire BullTerrier) changed DJs mind!

We had just got onto the top of the property to walk along a long track, when Kai got out of the garden and came charging up behind us ... It is at times like this that you know why you do not wrap a rope around your hand ... when a horse takes off you try to hold - but you don't want to be dragged ... so ... DJ went!!!!!  He actually headed back to his field he used to share with Smudge ... why, I don't know.  Anyway, Toni and I got Kai and then I went and got DJ ... he was uninjured, but spooked by it all!

Anyway ... he managed to force down his carrot ... and back onto the track to his field; and so he could tell Conrad about his adventurous morning.

As I said - What a start to the week!!

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