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I Survived Friday 13th.

Well it certainly seemed like Friday 13th this morning as I drove to see DJ ... On a blind corner a car coming towards me on my side of the roa and then I stopped to allow 2 loories to pass each other in a village ... and I wondered wthere the tractor behing me was going to bother!!

Still - I got there in one piece, although slightly frazzled!

DJ was eating when I arrived - I bet that was a suprise for you to read that!  So when he had finished that patch of grass he wanted his carrot!  Then a nice steady stroll towards the yard!!

He was really relaxed again when grooming ... so I gave him a treat of brushing the inside of his back legs .... ecstasy in DJ's mind!  He had let me plait his mane and tail so all in all deserved the treat!

Toni brought in Badger and Junior - but only rode Junior ... therefore it was DJ and me that had to open and close the yard gate ... again a good boy.

Yes, you get the pattern - he was good, even when a couple of tractors passed together ... poor boy was actually shaking yet he didn't move from where we were standing.  So as you can see 10 out of 10 ... well, that is until he had to pass "the" oily mark ... It was Friday 13th ... an obvious date for an ambush!  However, somehow we managed to sneak past without either falling down it or something leaping out of it!

We only did the "up the road and back" so we were soon back ready for a feed and then back, but to a different field this time.  Conrad looked shocked as we walked past, but Toni was going to move him later.
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