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What A Weird Start To My Day

Wow - I so rarely remember my dreams ... but this one woke me up and now I can't stop thinking about it ... and the person involved.

I had this dream that I bumped into someone that I hadnt seen in a log, long time ... and we stopped and had coffee.  He and I caught up with our news in general about what life had given us and where we had been etc since we had last chatted ...Then comes the bit I can't lose.

He started telling me about his fiancee ... and how happy he was .. but the more we talked the more he opened up until II learnt that she was emotionally abusing and bullying him.

He is someone that I am no longer in touch with - yet I feel I want to phone him, or go and give him a hug ... silly, I know.

I suppose part of thedream is coming from my school-day bullying that I am slowly working through ... but why use this guy to do it.

... I begin to cope with my feelings ... now I can worry that this old friend is sad .... Huh???

Anyway - as a Christian I could do the positive thing and pray that this is only my nightmare - and that he is actually really happy.

Oh well ... I must get off my mad thoughts and get on with the rest of my day - Just thought sharing might make me make sense of it!! 
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