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Hallowean - Buffy Style.

Just watching Buffy, the Vampire Slayer ... Season 2 ... Hallowean ; and in doing so have had a couple of random thoughts (when not watching Spike have fun!)

1.  Spike had Buffy video-taped so he could watch and re-watch the fight.

If that was his only reason then how did he win the fight against The Chinese Slayer - we know he had fought Nicki once befor e... but there again he had fought Buffy.
Or - was it really as Dru later said - "You are covered in her"

So, was this really where Spike's stalking started - His obsession of killing we know, but how much did he enjoy that tape?

2.  How did the vampire that Angel fought get into Buffy's house?  What about the no-invitation rule?

3.  I just love the scene where Willow walks through the library wall - startling Giles ... It cracks me up each time I see it.

4.  Although Giles fighting has been hinted at - when he was willing to fight The Master (etc) it is here that you see Ripper - in his fight against Ethan ... A lot of tension and anger is inside him, that is mostly hidden away.

5.  Spike could have had his third slayer - if he hadn't enjoyed savouring the moment.  

The walk of Spike and the other demons to the warehouse is great - they all seem to have the Spike (James) swagger ... and then his entrance into the building (swoon!).  
However he then delays - by going slowly - enjoying the fear.
But - so does Buffy ... With a great opening line of "Hi Honey" ... yet she doesn't follow through and stake him ... even though she did win the fight.

6.  This episode also sees Willow's first step towards being the strong independant woman that she will end up ... and her first love with Oz.  

7.  Xander admits he knows it is Buffy&Angel forever here ... although we later know he never gives up hope that Buffy will turn to him.

A great episode, for all the characters.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching it again.

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