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The New Shoe Worked!

As I said yesterday I did take a gift to Toni to apologise for the farrier waking her up!!!   Here   for those who missed that disaster! ... what I didn't say was that Toni does have a bad cold at present ... and doesn't do mornings at the best of times ... add to that she isn't fond of the farrier and you can see why I came bearing gifts this morning!

Even DJ looked at me as I came across the field as if to say "So where were you yesterday?"

So all in all - I said "Sorry" a lot!

Anyway - DJ was great came in well and let me both plait him and trim the long hairs out from the backs of his legs and his ears ... so 10 out of 10.

We only went "up the road and back" with Smudge and Toni today ... and the worrying news is that the oily mark on the road almost swallowed DJ ... he managed to escape - but it was a close thing.  He has had to avoid this disaster every time he goes that way ... but it was a close call today  ... The TWIT!!

So back home - a feed ... and back to his field where he could tell Conrad about his narrow escape!

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