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I Have Some Serious Apologising To Do!!

Following DJs loss of shoe that I wrote about yesterday, I tried getting hold of the farrier a couple of times ... left a couple of messages ... then thought "Oh Well I'll try tomorrow" ... so put my phone on charge.

This morning is a lazy morning, so I have just turned my phone back on - 8.30am to find a message from Ian last night at 7pm ... to say he is on holiday as of today!!!  However he did say that if I could reach him he would see to DJ, I phoned, but with little hope of any luck as I am 20mins drive away.

Now comes to the grovel - 

Firstly to Toni and her husband ... Ian turned up there at 7.50 this morning to do DJ!!!  They both have colds so were having a lay-in!!!  OOOOpppps  ... do I also point out it is raining!!!

Then I have to apologise to Ian ... I haven't paid him!

So - I have phoned and spoken to Toni's husband ... but as soon as I am organised I am off to buy a bottle of wine ... and some chocolates!!!


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