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Anyone Would Think DJ Didn't Want To Work Today .... Wouldn't They?

In England we have the phrase "Third time lucky" ... well, sorry DJ it won't work on me!

When I went to get him in this morning I think DJ was hoping that I wouldn't know where he was, as he had "moved house" since I had last seen him.  However Toni and I had spoken on the phone, so I knew that he and Conrad had been moved to a smaller field - not so as to hide him from me, like he hoped, but to put him on a diet!!

As I walked across the field towards him, I discovered that he really didn't want to leave his field - he was no longer wearing his head-collar.  Sorry, DJ - I have worked in a stables - and am able to make a head-collar out of the rope ... Yes I can lead you into the yard!

And, for his third attempt, I discovered that he was missing one of his back shoes.  His foot looked fine and Toni said it had been on yesterday - so ... Sorry DJ you are still able to work!!

So ... after 3 everyone :-  ... 1  ,  2  ,  3  ,   POOR DJ!!

It was also an important day for us both.  The sun was shining - so it was his first plaiting of the year ... and therefore the first since my hand was injured.  He was a good boy and the plait went in straight and held with one band.  He didn't fidgit - and my fingers were able to manipulate his mane without any trouble - so that was a bit of good news for us both!!

When Toni, Smudge, DJ and myself left to meet up with Ros and Cherry (she still hasn't sold her - even though she is working with another horse as well) DJ was very wary - worried that his foot would hurt.  However we gave him a couple of hundred yards and then he settled and walked and trotted fine.

Every time we came to a junction where we could turn a shorter route I was asked how he felt and he was doing well.  The only choice I did make is that we went up the bridle path rather than staying on the road for 2 reasons - the road is quite rough in place and a steep downhill and then back up - so thought the track, although stony in places was also grassy in places ... so easier on his foot.

In actual fact we cantered along some of the track as it was soft due to the rain.

And so home.  we were out for about an hour and came back still sound - so that was great to see.  His feet are healthy - just used to having shoes on.  The other good side was that he didn't spook once - even when a cement mixer passed while we were saying Goodbye to Ros.

Then back to be fed - and off to his field.

When I put him in his field I went in to try to find both the shoe and the head-collar ... didn't find either but found 2 head-collars of Smudge from last month!!

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