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You Can Really Understand Why James Was Asked To Return!

When I originally watch Buffy I saw season 7 first - and as my profile says I fell in love with a vampire!

This time through, after a gap, I am re-watching the series in order.  So I have just started Season 2 .. and have now watched episode 3 ... School Hard.

When you see that episode, after a gap, you realise again all the great things that Spike is ... and what James brought to that role. 

In the first scene you see the arrogant, boastful vampire who loved telling he was "The Slayer of Slayers", but one who had also had fun in the 60's ... then as he turns, the make-up fades and you see a vampire in love.  One who loves and cares for his girl ... so much so that at the first mention that she feels cold ... off comes his beloved duster.  Then he accepts giving Dru some blood - both as to his Sire, but of love to Dru.  The whole scene shows the range of Spike ... but also some amazing acting from both James and Juliet Landau ... their partnership in these early episodes is beautiful.

Then on to the Bronze ... and who can say that Spikes stalking wasn't just that - watching The Slayer ... yes ... Watching the girl - Oh, yes.  Their first scene together is reminiscent of Buffy and Angel's first meeting.

Watching the rest of the Scoobies supporting Buffy through her school preparation is great - lovely to see what that group is all about ... and Willow taking Joyce on the full tour, is super (wish I could have managed that when I was at school)

Then Spike "arrives" ... his joy of being a vampire is so evident here.  His frustration at his minions ... his quips to his victim and to Angel are very similar to those of Buffy ... And then - the Fight.

I love how they both walk around each other, testing each other ... with Spike's hesitation finally causing him to be the loser as Joyce hits him.  I did wonder why he then just ran - 100 years would mean that he could have tried something else ... Still he "lives" to fight another day.

The final scene with The Annointed One is great ... Spike at his best ... James at his amazing; being able to change from apologetic to joyful within the space of one word ... and then with an arm round Dru, just walking off to watch the TV.

Yes - I love that episode - and seeing it again after a gap, reminded me how much!

But it also proved my point - without amazing actors we wouldn't still be fans - and this episode shows how adaptable and varied James can be - No wonder they asked him to return.

So - if you haven't watched it recently, I urge you to did out the DVDs ... sit back and enjoy!

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