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Season 1 - Buffy ... A Few Random Thoughts.

Yesterday I watched, for the first time in ages, "School Hard" ... Yay (More on that later)

I have watched series 1 ... and even trying to be objective, I still can't see what Buffy saw in Angel!  However it was great to see Giles and the Scoobies learning about each other ... and seeing some of the characteristics that we all love and hate.

Buffy - 
Trying to balance school, slaying, love, family ... and already losing herself in the middle.
So was this combination what led her to love Angel ... An tall dark (some people would say handsome) stranger ... wh accepts her slaying, but doesn't need to much time committed to him, which also makes her want him more.

Giles -
So focussed on his books ... although it was great to see at the end he was willing to got to try to kill The Master, to save Buffy.

Willow -
So innocent and scholarly - but also willing to learn about new things rapidly.  But a very private person - as she ended up in a relationship that caused chaos.
Willing to look up things on the internet, but when it came to people she knew, she needed to hide away.

Xander -
A typical teen - active and enjoying any (or no) excuse to skip school ... yet also very jealous of the girl he couldn't have.
Willing to be involved - even on seaking help from Angel when needed.

Angel -
Not really honest ... even when pushed for an answer.  Coming and going in his timing - not when needed by the others.
He had to be pushed to go to look for Buffy when Xander confronted him - yet he professed to love her. 

Joyce -
Trying to make a new start after a divorce - and a problem teenager.

Overall I enjoyed the season.

The start was great ... I think really set the tone for the future.  Boy and girl breaking into a school ... yet it is the girl (Darla) who is the baddie.

Some great story lines - school talent shows with mystical puppets,  nightmares that become real, a trip to the zoo that goes wrong.  It really showed us both the hazards of normal teenage life, but combining that with living on a Hellmouth.

So - yes, I am glad I watched it ... even though I found myself comparing Angel with Spike ... and hoping that Buffy would see the error of her ways!

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