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It Can't Be Wednesday ... Can It?

... Sorry DJ, but it is that time of the week - and amazingly it is raining!

Oh well, at least the murky weather meant DJ was quite glad to walk over ... to get a carrot and walk into his box for a time. He was too damp to do much grooming to, although as he has his nice new summer coat there isn't much to brush at present, so i was able to concentrate on hi tail - giving that a really good and thorough brush.

He was OK leaving the yard - let me get on him (even though I was getting on from the ground, for a change) and opening the gate really well .. but then he decided that my car looked as if it was about to explode. Dangerous that - not safe to walk past at all! After a short "discussion" he decided that maybe my car was OK and it was safe to go out to find Ros and Cherry.

It is probably our last ride as a foursome - Cherry is all-but sold ... so all change for her. From what Ros was saying it does sound as if she is going to a nice home - so that's good.

We walked down to the Church and round that part of the hamlet before heading home.

poor DJ ... not only had my car tried getting him, but there were a lot of killer leaves in the hedges today. What with that and the invisible aliens hiding in most of the puddles - it was quite a fraught ride! I told Ros about the A-Z I had done for DJ yesterday ... and she asked was "T" standing for TWIT? If not, after today, maybe I should think about changing it! Ros obviously doesn't realise the perils that lurk in the countryside, does she?

Once back, as he was cool due to the rain, I was able to feed him straight away and take him back to his field. 

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