Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Well That Was One Reason To Vote!!!!!!!!!!!

......... Yes, we have local elections today. Over the last few weeks I have received 3 sheets of information through the door. However, all of them are for the same person, who I was going to vote for anyway. So, I had to vote just to see who else was standing!!! There were 8 candidates and I could vote for 2 people, so all in all it was not the best way to choose a vote, if you didn't actually know your decision already.

Clinic went well - except for one patient who questioned anything & everything. However one of his opening answers gave me some idea of what we were up against. They are all sent a 3 day "liquid" dieary sheet, and I asked him if he had brought it with him ... his answer was that he hadn't realised we were expecting him to fill it in!

Now I have things to potter through before doing some icons.

I won't be around tomorrow as I am working in the morning and have a dentist appointment in the afternoon (and it isn't local to me so have to drive there immediately after work to get there in time)

But before I post this -

5. Do you always have to have the latest phone?
NO - just a basic model

6. What is something you are obsessed with?

I have some things that I love and do as often as possible ... travel, sight-seeing, etc.
But I suppose that the only thing I won't drop or change is my faith.

Right that's me
Tags: daily meme, election, work

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