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My A,B,C Fandom Squeee Of James

Yes - this is what a lot of us enjoy about LJ - Fandom.  Most of my f-list joined so that they could "chat" with other fans about a favourite star ... film... or something.

For those who have read my profile ... or in fact for those of you who know me I am a James Marsters fan, having spotted him first as Spike ... hence my user-name!

Anyway, I have decided to copy a couple of others from my f-list and o my own A,B,C of James ... why I think he is great!  So it is going to be a bit of squeee ... a bit of thanks ... and some ramble thrown in! ... Not forgetting some pictures!

The pictures are either mine, JM-Live, or courtesy of  bendy1... Although if anyone notices one that should have another credit do let me know.


James was only in the one episode - starring as Charlemaigne Bolivar (Seen here with Kevin Sorbo as Capt Dillon Hunt) ... but he was great.  Head tilt to perfection, smile a delight ... and a general level of sex-appeal that made me buy the DVD ... even though I like the series that is the only episode I want to watch again!!


Whenever you get an autograph from James, he will also shake hands with you and give you a personal smile ... and is quite happy to talk while he signs.  This picture was taken in Cardiff, but even in Collectomania earlier this month when he was really busy, he still took time to smile and answer questions.


As I already said I saw Spike in a late episode of BtVS ... and fell in love!

However once you start watching the whole 7 series, you realise how important the character was to Buffy's life and her development - as well as to all the Scoobies.  And when you see James as Spike - you wonder what would have happened had another actor got the role.  He shows his emotions so beautifully - he can empathise with a character ... get upset with himself and what is going on around him ... be in the background ... All of which he can do without even speaking.  Yet you just know what he is thinking ... love him (or hate him... how could anyone) he was an integral part of that story.


He spent a couple of months in Cardiff last year ... even was seen blowing part of the city up (shown on the BBC ... so it must be true).  Torchwood is filmed there - but for fans of his music it meant 2 concerts ... One in July, when the weather was against many (although I was OK) and the other in November - where he put on a fan event.

I did do a thorough write-up at the time.  But for those who don't know, or have forgotten he was recovering from a broken finger - so had some problems (As I true fan I can now fully empathise!!)  This picture was my favourite that I took on the day - and the one I got him to autoograph earlier this month, btw.


This is an independant film that shows James as a life-long criminal turned family man.  I have lent it to friends who want to know who James is, but refuse to watch anything that they don't think they will like!  It is lovely to see him smartly dressed in the film ... He looks great when wearing a shirt and tie ... even if he does have the buzz-cut which I don't like!!


When I bought the Mad Brilliant CD I lsitened to it and this was my favourite track - I then read the credits and realised that this one is one of James'  songs.  I often find myself humming the tune without even realising it - the centre section just clicked with me whebn I first heard it - and I still love it.

I hope it will be on his next album ... and really was pleased that he played it at U.C. earlier this month.


This is one of my favourite tracks on his second album - it is just such a great song ... but especially the sentiment.

I love how James is obviously a proud Dad, even though he doesn't answer questions about them, he obvious;ly loves being a Dad - even changing one line in "Button Down Vandals".  So, although I would love for him to do more concerts in England, I really hope that he is able to spend some quality time with his kids - he so deserves that.


Anyone who asks me why I love James has only got to listenb to one of the Dresen books on CD.  His voice washes over me - and then the range of accents that he uses - His talent is etra-ordinary.  Anyone who doubts that JHames has talent ... those who think I just squeeee over a pretty face (!) have to listen to these stories.


Yes, I know some of these letter are making me think.  

I love that he has such a command of his voice - both singing and acting ... but when you see him doing something where he is talking to his fans, you realise how elastic his face is - or maybe I should just say, he shows us what he is thinking!


Yes - I am a fan ... had you guessed yet!!!  There are a lot of us out there!  I will admit all the people I have met have been great - I realise that I have been lucky - but I do know that most of us are the same - Say the name James and wait for the squeeee ... about the only debate I have got involved in with fans has been whether he is a better actor ... or a better singer!!

This picture was taken the first time I met him ... last year.  He put his arm on my shoulder - James-fog descended ... may it never leave!


Yes - I still listen to their music - in fact I have the whole lot on one CD that I keep in my car ... and on hot days it is the CD I put in ... open up the windows and turn up the volume!!!

And - yes I am biased, but to me the songs that are the winners are the ones where it is obviously James voice that you can hear.


I never thought that I would ever love hearing a man giggle - but James is absolutely adorable.  Anyone who can sound that relaxed must be a really great guy!


Oh yes!!!

Whether he is acting, posing for a picture ... or just concentrating - he just makes me swoon with that!  This isn't the best of pictures to demonstrate - but as an osteopath I do wonder how he can do it ... as a fan-girl, I just love that he does!


Ended up in a discussion with a patient today as to whether blond-Spike or brunet-Cap'n John was the winner - As I have them both on my computer desk-top  However - hiatus hair definately had a lot of  positive points ... couldn't decide which picture i prefered here - so have both!!


I can continue my double squeee here - with thanking ITV for the news that James is signed for another film - This time playing Buzz Aldrin on Apollo 11.  The story of the landing on the moon is my first real knowledge of fact becoming history.  Spo I am overjoyed to see that James will be starring in a story that I both have known since I was 8 and that has given me an interest both in the whole space travel, but also in science fiction!

And super to see another straight role for James - he should really be able to shine.


The guy is gorgeous ... seems really human.  he is friendly to those he meets ... what else can I say!!!!  But had to find an excuse to use this pic, didn't I?


Like a lot of peop[le this is one of my favourite songs of his.  I was really glad that he was persuaded to add it to his concert at U.C.  It is really catchy - and great that James now laughs about why it was written!

On a side note, I knew a guy who was always really stuffy ... and had an opinion about everything.  We didn't get on, but went to the same band for a few years, so had to get on to a certain degree!!  When I heard this song the first time it made me laugh - as this guy always wore long sleeves ... even though our summer uniform was officially short-sleeved.  So, thank you James - you helped me cope with a weird collegue ... Iused to wonder what tattoos he was hiding!


I just love the second album .. . in fact it is on as I am typing this.

Having said that - I loved his first album, as well!  In fact you could sum it up by saying that I love listening to James sing!


This is probably my favourite song on the album ... although, coming a close second, is LONDON CITY.  Both songs are lovly - don't really know why - sorry even though I play music, I still can't sum up what I like about a piece.  But these 2 do have that something special - IMHO

MILTON FINE - Smallville

I don't follow Smallville, but have seen the episodes where James is in.  He starts off playing Prof Milton Fine ... and to me I loved the episode where he is talking to Clerk and assuring him that there are no such things as vampires.  The look on his face is great - and it is brilliant that he can make such a speach, having been such an amzing vampire himself!

Of course, by the end of the same series there is a great episode for all fans of James ... there are 4 of him!!!!


The place where I first got to meet James - so a squeee from me!  It is great that he still does the full weekend of Collectomania, unlike other actors who only do one day.  So - well done James ... I wonder how many times he wrote his name over the 3 days!!


Another great song - a lovely one to start the second album with ... and the concert at U.C.


How many of us can honestly say we know what other peple are really thinking.  I am sure the same is true for James, yet he manages to be as open as he can - he talks about some of his thoughts on other stars (well we all now know that John Barrowman is a good kisser) ... and makes up a plot for a Spike film.  So, for someone in the public eye, it is amazing how much he genuinly tells us.


Not a film I have yet seen!  But it was great for James to be on "the big screen" - every actors aim.  I read in some of the reports that not everyone liked the film, but most agreed that he was under-used as he was a great character.  So, it is on my list to watch.

And great that he had a guitar ... I wonder if that was written into the original script, or added as a compliment to him?


I really love it that James invites questions about anything - well except his family and "that" episode on Buffy.  The Q&A that I went to had a wide variety of questions - and it is great that he answers everything.  I know someone who said that Steve should chose the questions so that he had different questions each time.  However I think that the way he does this leaves him more open to those who dare to ask a question .... maybe one day I would have the courage.


Could really squeee at the end of last year - James got the red carpet treatment for P S I Love You.  What I know was lovely that as well as seeing some of the press, as in this picture, he also went and spoke to some fans he recognised.  Even on his big day, he still had time for fans ... lovely of him ... and lovely for him!


Come on - you must have guessed that SPIKE was going to have to appear on my list!!!

Spike is an amazing character - both if you just stick to the DVDs, but also in fandom.  When you start reading the fan-fic and seeing the artwork that one character inspires you realise what a great character it is.  I could go on for ages about the actual character - but all of us see different sides to him ... difeerent aspects of ourselves in him; and that is all courtesy of James.

Can anyone imagine Spike without thinking of James - without his acting there would not have been such a 3-dimensional person on our screens.  


I sometime forget how much James-squeee has changed my life.  This film is one example.

No way do I watch creepy/psychological/ thriller types of films ... but James is the star, so I buy it.  And yes - I watched it ... and yes I enjoyed it, and no I didn't guess who the bad guy was going to be.

So, thank you James - you have yet again widened my horizons!


I was a fan of Torchwood last year - and then I heard that James was over filming!! 

Yay - and Squeee!

Captain John Hart - how do you sum up such a character - other than to say it needed someone like James to pull it off.  Both the episodes showed such a wide range of emotions that eeded a superb actor to make it believable ... James was such a guy.  For myself (along with some of you, I am sure) I will never look at a poodle the same again!!  ... He made it believable!!


Last year, for those who don't know I went to the first ever (yes, ever) concert that I wasn't playing in ... and had an amazing time.  The accoustics were great, the people very friendly and the star of the show outstanding ... James!!  Maybe it helps that it is still a Church, but there is something about that venue that gives a little magic!

I returned again 2 weeks ago - and had a truly special evening.  


Until I stumbled across Spike I couldn't see why people thought vampires were great ... They hurt people, they drank blood ... etc

Then I saw Spike.  A Vampire ... yes he drank blood - but he loved, he wept when those he loved died, he cared ... and as ever James was there as this vampire ... and he enjoyed the mayhem that Spike caused ... and, to me, it always looks as if James genuinly loves the chaos!!


And what is Spike without William ... the other third of the trio.  James was so sweet - and again showing his use of accents and quietness of acting.  In some of the episodes he is all 3 characters - and to watch those reminds us what a tremendous actor James is.


No - I don't just mean in my dreams ... LOL (And as a lot of you know I never remember my dreams, so can't verify that at all!!)

His body is gorgeous, his answers at a Q&A about his sex-life are certainly X-rated, he throws himself into life/acting etc ... and, most important of all, he has what our family would escribe as "come-to-bed eyes"


Yes, thanks to James I found LJ - and you.  I have made some really great friends - who have been so positive on my life, accepting me for who I am ... and if it hadn't been seeing James on the T.V as Spike I would not have a lot of the things that I have now ... no spare time, no spare money (I'm saving for a camera!) ...etc.  

So, thank you James for extending my life and finding me some lovely people to share it with.


My final word to describe James and my squeee is zany.

Well, he is lovely and adorable - but could also be described as zany, even by those of us who love him

And my family know that I am completely zany to get into fandom ... having escaped that peril when I was a teen!!

Thanks for reading my ramble ... To sum up


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  • Back To Church Week

    Yay - our first day back at our Church for over 18 months. We have been doing things on-line, and our return was delayed as we had building work done…

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