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56 Years Ago ....

Today is a clear memory of waiting up very late at night ... and being with "someone" (it was a neighbour) while looking out of a bedroom window waiting for dad to come home ... to tell me if I had a baby brother or sister.  Nick was born at 8.30 and they let Dad go back to visit them as Mum was not doing well (although they were both able to say she was much better than 4 1/2 years previously when I arrived.

The following day I remember going into the shops with Dad and bought him a yellow chicken-bear that hung on his pram.  I chose it out of loads, and now have it safe here, as Nick didn't want it.


Happy Birthday Nick - despite the ups & downs of our lives, I am so glad you are around (most of the time).  Hope you have a super day xx
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