Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Lovely Day Out Yesterday

... and in a moment I am going to have Christmas Dinner at Tim & Claire's ... so have put on a skirt with a loose wasteline!

Yesterday I went with Christine to Buckland Abbey, the home of Sir Francis Drake, although much of it had to be re-built after a fire.  The great Hall was original to Elizabethan days though, so good to step in his footsteps.  The Great arn though pre-dated those days as it was originally built as an Abbey for Cistercian monks back in 1278.  The barn had a huge Christmas decoration of 100 trees, showing a river of light.  (There are photos to follow, but upload speed is slow today, so will post them tomorrow)

As the weather wasn't great, due to the location on the edge of Dartmoor, we didn't have a walk, so decided to head home and stop on the way at Buckfast Abbey, which is a stunning building rebuilt in the early 20th century, and is today still the Abbey of a working Monestary..  We also had a stunning cake there, so although the monks are famous for their honey, I can recommend the coffee shop as well!

And now it's today - photos to come, I promise.  I will try and catch up with replies to your comments while I kill a few minutes before I head towards T&C's ... but before I do this -

29. What do you wish you’d spent more time doing five years ago?
(I have found it very hard to mourn for Mum & Dad.)

Hope that you had a good few days - will try & catch up properly, soon, I promise
Tags: christmas, daily meme, day trip, history, tim and claire

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