Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Weekend Time Again

This morning I was a bit later walking to Tesco's ... and luckily managed to avoid the rain.  Just after I got there the noise of rain on the roof was deafening ... so glad I missed that.  Sadly, just as I got to the bus stop it was to see my bus dissappearing round the corner ... frustrating as I had 1/2 hour wait.  With 3 bags of heavy shopping and 2 miles to walk it was the only way ... so, of course, that bus was late!

Oh well, home now.  Lunch eaten and now I'm here.

I have done about 2/3 of the decs ... yes, I was a good girl and enjoyed doing them, but did them slowly.  I will take some photos when I am done and you will get to see how much "exercise" it takes ... lots of strings of lights, so lots of climbing/balancing.

This afternoon I want to get some more baking done, I am low on mince pies, and that will be a major crisis, in my eyes, anyway!

Hope you all have a good weekend ... before I go ...

4. What is the best positive change you’ve made recently?
Being determined to get my life back on track, and listen to what my specialist is telling me.

5. Have you ever inherited something?
Loads - sadly I lost Mum & Dad a  few years ago, and as I type this I am wearing 9 rings ... 4 were Mum's and one was my Grandmother's engagement ring ; and I can hear my great-grandfather's clock ticking behind me ... if I start the list of the rest we will be here a long time

See you Monday x
Tags: christmas, daily meme, shopping

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