Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Door #2 Opened

... Yes, I know I have a chocolate Advent Calender, but those calories don't count, especially if eaten as part of my breakfast!

Yesterday clicic was "hectic".  I ended up late home, and exhausted.  Not long before I left the physiologist and I agreed that it was a hectic morning, yet neither of us could really think why.  Nice people, interesting medical histories ... so although longer than normal, it was a good morning.

After lunch I headed out for a Sports Massage ... both on my shoulders, as well as the ongoing ankle problem.  Yes, those tendons of the damaged muscles are being stubborn to heal, which is doubly annoying as I am being a good girl and doing my exercises.

Oh well.

I have today off and I am going to try to get some cards and letters written, and maybe even start the Christmas decs, as now we are in December it feels the right time for me.

Yes, I know I am way behind with replying to comments, and will try to get that done, as soon as I can.  But before I get on -

1. How old were you when you got your first car?
23, the year after I graduated.  Before that Mum & I shared a car.

2. What is a topic you are uncomfortable with discussing with most people?
Tags: christmas, daily meme, injury, rl, work

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