Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Well I Have A Sore Leg Today ...

I do think that my osteopath thinks he can "kill" my injured muscles ... payback for all the times I have made my patients in the past sore!  I wonder how much he has been bribed!  However, although painful, he is pleased that the foot/ankle is more stable this week than in the past treatments, so he was actually very positive.

So, good news - but the leg is still sore!

Work yesterday was good again, with another early finish, but today it was an OK clinic .... with a normal finish time.  In the gaps between tests I was able to get my on-line training up to date, so that was positive.  Pre Covid I used to spend a full day in classrooms doing on the mandatory training.  Now the only classroom training is the annual resuscitation, and bi-annual health & safety.  So, now I am up to date until my resuss which is not due until May ... yay!

My letter writing plans of Monday didn't get done, so I need to do some of that. I also am trying to sribble a story for seasonal_spuffy ... so must see if I can get my brain around that.    I have a couple of WIP's, as well, that I would like to get back to at some point ... but the brain fog really doesn't help me with that.  A couple of the exercises my specialist has given me are meant to help with them ... but I do find them almost impossible to do.  Hopefully practice will make perfect!

So, here I am, all caught up again, but before I go

26. Do you struggle with dry skin in the winter?

27. Have you ever gotten angry at an employee and complained to the manager?
No.  Maybe it's because I have always worked with the general public (my first shop work was at 16), and realise that most of the time it is "not their fault"
Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, covid19, daily meme, injury, osteopath, spuffy, work

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