Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

How Can It Already Be A Year?

Yes, a year ago my little man "crossed Rainbow Bridge".  In some ways it feels as if it was only a few days ago that I was talking to him face to face ... but today I drove down to visit his grave.  I cleaned it and left a rose bud from Mum's rose bush.  So there is not much else to do, but I could not have missed the trip for anything.




While I was there, I also went to Churchstow Church to clean the war grave that was there, as part of my CWGC voluntary work.  So it was nice to see a bit more of the village where Jiffy is resting.



The grave I had to check on -

Yesterday I had a phone appointment with my Chronic Fatigue specialist.  She was pleased to hear that since our last conversation I had managed to stop the complete "crash" that I used to get a couple of times a week.  She has given me more advice, and some homework to do, and booked another appointment.

After that I walked into the city.  I had bought a pair of shoes (on eBay), and I needed the heals worked on.  Since I had my bike accident back in 1982 I have damage to my pelvis, and wear a heal lift on my left heal ... so it is frustrating that I buy new shoes, and then have to take them straight to a cobbler for some work!  While it was being done I walked around the museum.  I had a couple of photos that I had to take to complete the final prompts over at photo_scavenger ... but there are a few more photos to share with you all, as well.

It is certainly a very eclectic mix ... and sometimes in the same space!



Exeter seal - 1170

Silver Chocolate pot from 1707
I don't know about you, but my hot chocolate comes in a pre-mixed tub, & I just add water!  As I add it in the mug, I don't need the posh jug, but ... it might be worth it!
Redware pottery 4700 years ago
It is amazing that all those years ago, a normal jug could be decorated in such a delicate way, and that they had kept them all in one piece.

And so we are on Saturday afternoon ... so I will close this with tomorrow's (and yesterday, as I missed it) question, before signing off.

22. Have you ever eaten snow?
I have never really been in a place where we have had a lot of snow

23. Curtains or blinds?
Neither, really (well I do have curtains in my lounge)

24. Have you ever adopted a stray (cat or dog)?
No - but if I found one, I would

And, of course as I sign off I do so with an apology for still not catching up with answering your comments, they do mean a lot, honest

Enjoy your weekend - see you Monday x
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