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Another Day, Another Post

Wow, it is the week for really awkward patients - our first patient made our "difficult" patient of yesterday look like a lovely person.  He was so obnoxious that Chandhu (the physiologist I was working with) told him that unless he actually answered the questions he would ask him to leave ... he also asked me to leave the room when he started stripping off his clothes saying that coming to the hospital had meant he had wet himself, and he was going to want new clothes!

So, as you can see, don't come this way for a trip, there are some very odd people around.

Oh well, he was our first patient and Chandhu sent him home after a basic test, rather than the full test he was booked for ... after he had gone the following 4 patients, including a 12 year old, were lovely people.

I have done a bit of the Autumn garden clear-up in my garden, as it was nice to be outside for half an hour, in the sunshine.  When I have typed this I am going to another short walk and come back via the supermarket to get a few bits & pieces.  So more sunshine/fresh air.

I will try and get your comments replied, and catch up with you all later.  But before I go -

21. Would you rather read a book or listen to the audiobook?

I love reading, both on a Kindle or an actual book.
However as I drive, or walk, I do listen to The Dresdon Files

So - both, depending on the why & when

The icon today is because it is the 200th anniversay of the Battle of Trafalgar, and thus the death of Horatio Nelson ... apparantly it is also National Apple Day!
Tags: daily meme, gardening, walk, work

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