Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Aren't Some Peope Delightful????

I have always had jobs where I work with the general public ... and really enjoy it . However every so often you meet someone who makes yoyu wonder why you do the work.

Our second patient was 25minutes late, with no apologies ... and that was the least of the problem.  He told us that he didn't want the test, the consultant was wrong to ask him to do it ... and he would stay one hour, but no more.  He couldn't see why the consultant couldn't just do the operation.  We tried pointing out that a) surgery might not be necessary, and b), even if it is then it will help to decided what the correct surgery would be.  We have certain parameters for the test, and although a few people do mumble about them, no one seemed quite as rude as this man .... he told me that I would do the test or he would just go.  I tried pointing out that we are trying to get the best results for him ... but!!!  Still, we had known from the start he would be a problem, as it took him all his time to give his date of birth when asked.  In the end I came to the conclusion he was just obnoxious ... and ironically, out of the 5, he had the least symptoms!

Oh well, at the least it made the morning memorable!

LOL - I have just seen today's question ... have I already answered it?

20. What is the craziest thing you’ve seen happen at your workplace?
Actually I think the 2 oddest things I have seen were back when I was an osteopath ...
       a)  One of my regular patients asked for an emergency appointment ... pretty normal, except for the fact the lady was 40 weeks pregnant with her 3rd child!  So I told her that if she promised to lie down "with her legs crossed" then I would see her!  She ended up having the baby that evening.
       b)  Another lady was chatting away to me during treatment telling me that she and her daughter were going to spend the day together.  Great, said I.  It turned out the daughter was already in labour with a first child, sitting in the car waiting, while the mum had treatment (and I have to add that we were an hour's drive from the hospital at the time)

So, overall I thik I can summerise -
There's nowt as mad as folk
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