Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Yay, The Weekend Is Here Again

I had a great day out yesterday, although the photos are taking a long time to upload, so may have to post them sepertly to this post, we shall see.

The day started with a visit to Heather, my parent's neighbour. Not long after her husband died she took a bit of a turn for the worst and is now 100% bed-bound. When I got there the carers were there so I spent some time talking to her middle daughter, also her live in carer. I was actually glad about that as Chrissy and I are the same age and I think it was nice for her to be able to talk without having to be careful about worries etc ... I have known the family 24 years and there are a lot of major stresses there (including another sister who stole a lot of money). So it was good to spend a couple of hours there catching up, chatting ... yes, and some laughter.

I then drove to the town centre to pick up Christine and we went to Coleton Fishacre - an art deco house, built in 1926, by the D'Oyley Carte family. It is a relaxing place, and many of the rooms had items of clothing, shoes, drinks etc lying around as if the family had just popped out for a walk. There was also jazz music playing. So, the photos will be up on Monday, as the computer is on a go slow again!

This afternoon I am going to another Exeter cemetery to meet up with a selection of volunteers to clean some of the war graves there ... luckily it is brightening up, so hopefully the rain won't suddenly turn up!

Tomorrow is, as ever, Sunday ... so as I said, it will be Monday before I return - enjoy your weekend, but ...

15. What is one thing you've realized or discovered lately?
That I am slowly getting my life back - Hoorah ... Hallelujah

16. Which family member did you inherit your hair color from?

Mum - Dad's hair never truly went grey

17. What’s the average length of a shower for you?

3 - 5 minutes
Tags: cwcg, daily meme, day trip, national trust, weekend

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