Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Thought We Were Meant To Be Saving The Planet ....

... but I have just got back from collecting my prescription. I have been taking Thyroxine for about 10 years, and todays boxes are a lot bigger than the normal ones. Just a small piece of cardboard, I know, but multiply that by many thousands ... and that is a lot of extra paper.

Oh well - at least I have the treament I need, so on a scale of one to ten, that's the important fact ... thank you NHS

As I don't really have any news I thought I would post a few icons from posts where they had to be entered secretly. .... As ever, they are all snaggable, and the credits are mostly over on my icon journal, d4s_icons

itsabattlefield Big Battle : 22

Outside_1 Outside_2   Outside_3 Outside_4 Outside_5

Inside_1 Inside_2 Inside_3 Inside_4 Inside_5

All from Stargate SG1

moviefilmstills  Challenge 168 – 5 icons of one actor
Anyone who knows me, knows that I will make icons of James Marsters -

A_New_Life Lord_Piccolo_(James_Marsters) 19_(2) m_caps_015 James17

A New Life
Dragonball Evolution
High Plains Invader
PS I Love You

Challenge 158 - Your Comfort Movie
I know it is corny ... but it has to be "Sound of Music"

 photo 1_zpsdovbcgpc.jpg  photo 2_zpsjggh9yko.jpg  photo 3_zpsc0oppbbb.jpg  photo 4_zps5gzjtunl.jpg  photo 5_zpsp80f2snl.jpg

perioddrama_ic  Challenge 43

Friendly Persuasion.  A US Civil War film about Quakers, and how they cope (or not) with a local battle -

4(6) 3(7) 2(6) 1(9)

So, there we go - enjoy.  Now before I make some more ...

14. Have you ever raked leaves, and then played in them?
Hasn't everyone?
Actually I suppose mostly it was dad who did the raking, and I did the playing!!
Tags: competition, daily meme, films, icons, james, medicine, stargate

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