Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

And So The Week Spins Past ...

... and I still haven't caught up with you all.  And, the reason for that is .... ummmm .... still trying to think up a brilliant excuse, but can't find one.

Work has been fine, ankle treatment continues (and is still sore) ... but other than that news is pretty short in this corner of the world.

Just got back from a walk to the chemist to collect my prescription, only to find that only 1/2 of it was there.  Still, as I left the house I got to chat to my neighbour ... I don't often see him, so it was nice to chat to him.  They had hoped to put an extension up but it was turned down as it would ruin the line of the road!  Huh ... they have a single story extension already and wanted to make it 2 story, as have the neighbours about 6 houses up.  So, as ever, it looks as if they don't "know the right people"

Well, looks as if my no-news is even more non existant than ever ... but before I ramble any more, I will close ... well, I will do the questions before I o that -

12. Do you like the picture on your ID?
Work ID - no, but it is getting faded so you can hardly see it now. 
Passport photo - looks as if I am a murderer on death row (someone else's description) ... so, no, no, no

13. Is there someone you pretend to like but you really don't like?
No - although I did work with someone for a few years that I had to be nice (& polite) to ... but wanted to strangle her most of the time!
Tags: daily meme, injury, work

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