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Back To Church Week

Yay - our first day back at our Church for over 18 months.  We have been doing things on-line, and our return was delayed as we had building work done ... a new entrance foyer, refurb of the loos, new office space etc. Here are some photos taken last month if you want to see what I mean

Our first hymn was a modern one -

Even though it was one that Mum & Dad never even heard, it is one that actually reminds me of them. The last verse -

And on that day
When my strength is failing
The end draws near
And my time has come
Still my soul will
Sing Your praise unending
Ten thousand years
And then forevermore

Mum spent much of her last few months singing hymns, and the last couple of days dad was alive, Tim, Claire & I (as well as one of his carers) sang a few hymns with him. So, yes, those words are very poinant for me.

It was lovely to be back, and see a few people that I have only "seen" online over the last 18+ months.

Work today was very slow-going.  Nice patients but 4 of the 5 seemed to take forever to need a wee, so I ended up back home late ... However the physiologist I was working with paid me for the extra time, so in the end it worked out better.

Now I need to get some Spuffy icons made, otherwise my seasonal_spuffy day will be here and I won't be ready.  Having made loads over the years it sometimes takes my brain some tme to try to think of a new vision of the same pairing.

Well, I must get on ... and ...

11. Do you still take hot showers when it’s hot out?
Yes, although possibly a bit cooler than I would in mid winter

I will try and catch up with yo all later today, and to answer your comments etc
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