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What A Fun Way To Spend A Day

Yesterday I decided I would walk into Exeter in the morning as I needed to take some photos, mainly to try to catch up on photo_scavenger, but also to get the PhotoFriday done.  So started a fun morning ... on my way I stopped for a slurp of water and decided to text Claire to see if she fancied meeting me for a cuppa (she doen't work Fridays), and yes, she said ... great.  However it would be in the afternoon.  So I decided to agree and spend some time in Exeter, just being "me".  It is something I realise I have to work on, as it is something I have never really done before.

my first stop was to walk to the cathedral as one of the prompts was "stone", and you can't get better that the ceiling built of stone, in the 1250 - 1260 era.  So, as ever I pottered round the cathedral for a bit and then heard there was going to be a free guided tour so decided to join it.  It was fun, and over the hour I learnt a lot of interesting and fun facts, most of which I hadn't already learnt!  Here are a few pictures of the cathedral -

They have cleaned the North Door
And, here is the longest unsupported medieval ceiling

Although this is a 14th century carving, it does look like someone using a phone ... and this is the dog of the same mason -

The newest part of the cathedral is where the bomb remains are ... 1941, the first Baedeker raid destroyed part of the cathedral ..... and part of the funding was done with a charity rugby match, and they are honoured by the new mason -

Ooooops - 2 left feet for this lady
One of the earliest graves from a 14th century bishop
.... and a 15th century one
The font .... however in the seventeenth century it was not used for one of the christening.  King Charles I daughter was born in Exeter while the family (not the King) were fleeing to France ... however a special gold bowl was crafted for the service instead!

I then headed for a late lunch, a panini, and some crisps!  So almost healthy!  Then I pottered round M&S and managed to get the boots I wanted, before heading to where I was meant to meet Claire for our cuppa, only to find it was ("Covid")closed, so text her and we met somewhere we had been before - and, as you can see, we didn't quite have a cup of tea and a piece of cake, as we had planned!

Well there were raspberries in the drink - so, very healthy!

We then met Tim from work and walked home ... about 1/2 way is where we split, so it was good to catch up with them both yesterday afternoon.

So, yes a fun day!

Now we have a weekend again.  I have just popped to the local supermarket as I only needed a couple of things, and met my neighbour (opposite)'s puppy ... he had always been a friend to Jiffy, so it was nice to see the baby.

Well it seems as if this is going to me a mega-post, so will close here, and do the questions before signing off until Monday

8. Have you ever boycotted anything?
Never officially
I have refused to go to some Church services for personal reasons.

9. Do you have any embarrassing usernames?
Debris4spike is my username everwhere ... and Debris was a nickname I had for years before that, so no

10. Have you ever did well on a test when you didn’t study?
Not that I can remember.  I was well "brung-up" ... tests & exams mean revision!

Well hope you are all OK - and that you have a great weekend ... see you Monday x
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