Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Quoted Mum This Morning ...

... Whenever she saw me back in jeans for the first time in the autumn/winter season she would always say "Winter draws on" .... so had to say that today.  That was the other job I did yesterday - swap my winter to summer wardrobe.  I have a case and a single wardrobe so swap as soon as the weather changes.  I had hoped to last a few days longer before putting back on full-length jeans (etc) and sox ... but in the end decided that it was silly to wait.  So I am feeling very cosy as I type this, and it also means I can delay putting the central heating back on for a bit longer.

Haven't done my normal shopping trip, just to my local supermarket ... add a sore ankle to rain and I decided I needed milk, fruit etc so had to shop, but decided not to do the longer walk.

One of my projects this afternoon is to start thinking about seasonal_spuffy in November .... I shall make some icons, but am thinking around a short fic, so I shall see how that goes.  Maybe if I get organised this time, I shall manage something.

My other task is to continue writing up my holiday journal.  I have done a third of it, but want to get some more done.  In the past I have written each evening but that was one thing that I decided to skip this year to keep my energy levels better.

Mind you I have a couple of letters I need to write ... so looks like I will have a busy afternoon if I do it all!

But, before I head off -

2. Have you seen someone recently you used to talk to, but don’t anymore?

3. What color are your eyes?

Well those questions didn't take long!

Hope you all have a good weekend - see you Monday x
Tags: daily meme, holiday, mum, shopping, spuffy, weather

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