Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

So Glad That I Don't Need Shopping Today -

It is hammering down with rain.

Add to that my ankle is killing me, as my osteopath worked on one of my torn muscles yesterday (I still think he is getting his own back on behalf of my patients).  However I suppose he can be tough on me as he knows that I know the treatment needed, and I will accept it rather than a normal patient.  (So the ice pack is handy today .... especially after the busy clinic this morning)

Oh well, no worries.

I still haven't sorted all the photos out yet, but I do want to get some icons done as somein30 closes soon, but before I go -

27. Do you prefer earphones or over the ear headphones?
Ovr the head

28. Do you remember when you first went on the internet?
Haven't a clue ... tooooooooooo long ago!
Tags: daily meme, injury, osteopath, weather

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