Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

As Ever, The Days Got Away From Me!


Thursday work went well ... until the last patient arrived who argued and questioned every point of the test. Oh well, it takes all sorts to make a world!

In the afternoon I drove out to the local Covid centre, and had my booster jab. So I am allup to date again. I need to wait a bit then I can get my flu jab. By the time I had that done, waited the 1/4 hour and then got home (but we were all given a glass of water and biscuits!), it was a bit later than I had realised and I had a lot of ironing to do ... so LJ got abandoned. Sorry

Yesterday I picked up Christine on the way and we went to another National Trust stately home, this time in Plymouth (photos to come ... but probably next week). My ankle coped well with the drive and the walking so that was good news.

Now we are bck on Saturday ... walked to Tesco's this morning as I normally do on a Saturday. It's chaos there as everything has been moved as they are extending the building, but not closing at all, so it means that at the moment things are a bit more compressed. So nothing is where it was.

Now I need to make a few icons, sort out the photos from Saltram, and then disappear until Monday .... but before I vanish -

23. What is a meme or picture you’ve seen recently that has made you laugh?
My third cousin and I exchange pictures & you tube links etc ... this one was a recent one -

24. Have you ever bought something recommended by an ad on social media before?

25. How often do you go to the beach?
Not all that often, even though I only live about 7 miles away.

26. Do you ever look up actors you think you recognize in movies and shows?
Yes, Wikepedia is handy - I sometimes like to know what other things they have been in. Or, how old they were when they died etc
Tags: covid19, daily meme, day trip, fun, injury, shopping, work

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