Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Wow - Jiffy Would Have Been SUPER, SUPER Annoyed

As I sat having my cup of tea in my conservatory after lunch there was a loud "crash" ... and a cat landed on the roof.  Oh boy, would Jiffy have been super annoyed!  He had read the bit in books that say dogs & cats are natural enemies!  Oh well, the cat went & the roof was OK, and once I had recovered from the shock I enjoyed the rest of my cup of tea!

So, in a minute I have a last set of photos of Jersey for you.   I could keep on posting photos for ever, but this will be it for you all now.  Hope you enjoy, and have enjoyed them all  - it was a super trip.

But, before I post this -

22. Have you ever donated blood? If not, why not?

Hate to say it, but no.  I have gone to do it 3 times over the years, but each time had health problems that cancelled out my offer.
Tags: cats, daily meme, jiffy

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