Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Think He Had been Bribed ....

... by my ex pateints ... all 28 years worth of them!  My osteopath has really put me through the ringer this afternoon, and then nagged me about ice-packs and exercises.  All in all I think my patients must have bribed him to get pay-back!  Oh well, hopefully I shall be fully back on my feat at some point.   I had been pretty lazy this weekend, but obviously not lazy enough for my leg muscles to do any healing at all.

Work went well this morning, although we still had one no-show.

Now I have had treatment and have cancelled my plans to meet Tim & Claire for a walk this afternoon.

Now I am here - and am going to sort a few photos, but not too many as that would be sitting rather than resting the leg up to reduce the swelling.  But, before I do that -

20. Do you have an iPod?
Only a cheepo one to listen to Dresden Files on while I am walking
Tags: daily meme, injury, osteopath, work

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