Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

And Here We Are At The weekend, Again

Mid September ...and apparently less than 100 days till Christmas.  Did we really need to know that fact?

I have just done my normal Saturday walk (hobble) to the bigger supermarket this morning.  Didn't need too much food, but I decided I would still go and pick up a couple of bits.  As ever, back by bus ... normally as I have bought loads, this time to rest the leg injury.

Now I am here, and try to rest for the rest of the weekend, as normal.

"Strictly" re-starts this evening ... just the launch show.  I may watch it as I only recognise a couple of the names that have been released, so this way I shall see how "famous" these "celebrities" are!

We still aren't "in" Church as the builders got delayed, so another week before it's safe to go in.  So online again tomorrow.

Oh well, no real news - I may have  afinal Jersey-photo post to do, but probably won't be until Monday.  Now, as ever, before I disappear -

18. What song are you listening to at the moment?
I have James reading "Cold Days" (from the Dresden Files)

19. What was the last piece of furniture you purchased?
A small bookcase for my conservatory ... for magazines, and to hold a CD player

Well, that's me - Have a good weekend & see you Monday x
Tags: church, daily meme, injury, rl, walk

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