Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Yay!! Friday = Day Off!!

This morning I finished my ironing and limped my way to the local shop for milk, etc.  The strapping is off the ankle now, but it is very sore still.  I really ought to ice it more often than I am doing.

Lunch and then I have had another stroll, slow but sure.  I almost decided to give it a miss, but in the end I compromised and did a shorted walk than I would normally do on a Friday.  As I have said in the past I listen to James reading Dresden Files, and a couple of months ago re-started the series.  So it's been good to re-hear the early stories & relationships.

Now I am here, and will try to sort more photos in a minute, as well as make some icons if I can get focussed.

This evening I will (I hope) try to get comments answered and your latest updates looked at ... come on, where has this week gone?

But, as ever, befpre I get on with that -

17. Have you ever been a part of a wedding party?
Yes, I have been a Maid of honour, a chief bridesmaid and a bridesmaid ... in that order (demotion).  We have a phrase here : 3 times a bridesmaid, never a bride (however that didn't seem to affect mum!)
Tags: daily meme, dresden files, injury, walk

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