Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

As Ever, Yesterday Got Away From Me!

Actually what with work in the morning (and despite the leg being strapped, it was sore), after lunch I then went to the cememtery where Mum & Dad are resting.  No, not  to see them but to go on a guided walk with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  I will admit that much I heard I already knew, but was amazed to find that Bram Stoker's brother George is one of the casualties from WWI buried in the cemetery.  He was a doctor, who had also served in the Zulu and Boer wars ... sadly he then caught flu, having served in the trenches ... so that was sadly how he ended up passing away.

The rest of the tour gave odd comments about some who had served and died during the 2 World Wars.  I was also able to meet one of the men who is going to be doing my training for the grave cleaning volunteering that I am going to do.  So it was good to meet him, as well as confirm the training date for a few weeks time. 

But with everything it was much later by the time I got back here.

Now I have done another morning at work, and had the odd thing of one patient being booked in by another receptionist and sent to sit at the wrong end of the hospital.  Obviously that receptionist was having a total brain-storm ... but luckily our receptionist was able to ring him and get him to where he should be.  She also contacted the other person ... but didn't hear back as to why or how that happened.  Oh well, it keeps me on my toes!!

Well i must sort out some more photos for you, but, as ever -

15. Do you think doctors should be able to prescribe vitamins?
My doctor, many years ago, prescribed vitamin B tablets and for many years Mum was prescribed vitamin D ... so can't see the point of this question!

16. If you have a significant other, how long have you been together?
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