Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

An Amazing Trip

As I said 10 days ago. I was going on holiday for a week.  Yes, I arrived home on Sunday, later than expected as my fligh was delayed.

Yesterday I did work, but then in the afternoon I went to see an osteopath, as the last day of my holiday I re-injured my left calf/ankle.  OUCH!!  I did smile though as it was some time since I last had treatment so it was a case of a different osteopath ... his first question was in wondering how much I knew about the type of treamtent on offer ... so I smiled I admitted that 4 years training and 2 years in practice meant I possibly knew something!!  He was actually excited to meet someone who admitted to having spent my first year in the original college set up in 1917 (we moved buildings in 1980) ... since then the college has moved again and in the year before he qualified it changed name.  So I have my leg strapped ... and feeling sore.  Ironically I actually had no work today, so it will do me good to not have to be on my feet all morning.

So I am here to catch up .... edit some photos (yes, I took "a few"), and then post them ... so watch out, you are about to be spammed.

I shall reply to comments later, and catch up with some of you, although if I have missed something exciting, please let me know.

But, as ever, before I go -

13. Have you ever been to a drive-in theater?

14. Have you ever been on vacation with someone other than your family?
A school field trip when I was 17

See you later x
Tags: daily meme, holiday 2021, injury, jersey, osteopath, work

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