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And, So Bye ....

Sorry, yesterday got away from me!  I had Christine coming over and we were going to a National Trust property (photos to come at some point) again ... and yes, that was a really lovely day, and as it was OK weather-wise we did a long walk in the grounds so I was late getting home.

However the plan had been to pop in before I went ... but as I have mentioned I am off on holiday tomorrow.

I am going to Jersey ... I have added the Wikipedia link so my non-UK friends know where I am talking about!

As it's an island they are really doing a good job of keeping track of Covid.  So I had to "fill in a form" on the internet ... and it ended up 10 pages long!  Wow, there were some odd questions which took me ages to find answers for (postcode of hotel), date of my Covid jabs etc ... details seem to be in assorted places, so it took me ages to fill in.  So, I lost time and didn't have to pop in here.  Anyway the good news is that we all have to be double-jabbed and we all have to have a test wehn we arrive (at the island's expense).  So I am very impressed with how things are being kept as safe as possible.

Now I have other things to do - including making some chutney.  I know, odd!  But I grew some tomatoes and there are are loads that are still green, and the leaves are beginning to survive so they won't be allive in a week's time.  So I have dug out mum's recipe .... but, as ever, before I disappear for a week -

3. What is one of your favorite comedy movies?

I love a couple of the Carry On films ... Up The Khyber & Cleopatra especially.
I love some of the Cary Grant films .... like Bringing Up Baby & Operation Petticoat

4. Do you have a crush on anyone that you haven’t really talked to before?

Does James count - I get tongue-tied when I have briefly met him

5. What is your least favorite sour patch kids color?

Never had them

6. Have you ever won a competition? If so, what was it and what did you win?

A Lego competition, when I was 10. I won a box of Lego

7. Did you ever take classes for a musical instrument when you were younger?

Ummm - yes & no! I went to clarinet lessons for a few weeks, but never practiced. I learnt as I got older, but basically was self-taught as an adult.

8. How often do you walk around barefoot?

Used to all the time. But the day before my 21st I had an accident, and now I need to wear a heal-lift at all times, so other than pottering round the house I can't do it for very long any more.

9. What architectural style was your childhood home?

1930's ..... Tudor style decoration on the outside.

10. Who do you usually say hello or good morning first?

Whoever is the first person I bump into.

11. When was the last time you visited the park? Who did you go with?

There is a park near me that I usually walk through on my daily exercise.

12. What language did you take in high school?

French - and failed

13. Have you ever been to a drive-in theater?


So that's me up to date ... and now I really need to skim through your posts, before heading back down to the kitchen.

I will try to get your comments answered this evening - but can't guarantee that, so if time runs out I am sorry ... I will answer them when I get back, I promise.

So - I'm off now ... and will be back on the 14th (I hope).  I hope that you all have a good 10 daysand keep safe & happy ... bye, see you soon
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