Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Actually Getting Ahead Of Myself Today!

Tomorrow is Brenda's birthday so we are meeting up for yet another National Trust trip, so I won't be here ... so will do 2 days meme to keep ahead this time!

Just had to speak to a doctor (not mine as he is on leave), but am running low on Ventolin (my Asthma inhaler) as my breathing was terrible last week ... thank you Auntie Joyce!  But as I was ordering an extra one they needed to know why.  So it's good to know that even though I did the order on-line it was obviously checked before they did the issue.  I have promised that if I don't get my breathing re-settled after my upcoming holiday I would speak to my own GP.  They have run out of assorted other treatments to trieal, so nothing really can help, but at least that way it will be monitored.  As the doctor I just spoke to said, I am a medical oddity!

Clinic was good, although as I said, weird to see 2 guys who are actually identical in age to 2 of my nephews ... are the boys getting old, or am I?  (Don't answer that 😊 )

So, as promised -

26. Were your college years the best years of your life?
I loved my 4 years at college ... for the first time I felt "normal", just part of a group of people, after years of bullying at school.  So, in some ways, yes, the best.

27. What’s the most relaxing thing you did today?
(Tomorrow it will be walking round a Stately Home), but today it was my sit and rest/relax after a meal that the Chronic Fatigue consultant recommended.

So, other than soome more photos today, that's it, until Saturday
Tags: asthma, auntie joyce, brenda, daily meme, nephews, work

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