Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Monday, Again

Wow how can it be another week already!

Clinic went well, although only 3 patients and we were still late finishing, so maybe it didn't go as smoothly as it appeared to!

Just been to have treatment on my neck & shoulders.  I have been seeing a Sports Masseur for a couple of years now as my neck/shoulders has always been still & sore.  A combination of horse riding falls, poor posture, and too much computer time, etc, etc.  The mobility is certainly better than it was, however this appt was well timed as I could feel how tense my shoulders were after the time with Auntie Joyce.  So now I am sore, but for the best of reasons.  So, having said that I will post the missing photos tomorrow, rather than aggrevate my muscles.

I am going to Tim & Claire's for dinner this evening, so that will be nice, although it means I won't be able to catch up with you all.

But before I go a couple of things.  One was that Don Everly died over the weekend.  I do love their music (this is a favourite of mine), but I do also love to see their clothing.  This clip was done in the 50's, although they didn't really change much into the 60's ... a bit of differnce between them and some of the "pop" groups of todays top 20.

And, of course -

23. Where was the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home?
San Diego, 5,398 miles away ... when I was staying in Los Angeles

So I'm off now - see you tomorrow x
Tags: daily meme, ill, work, you tube

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