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I work with different physiologists but we always dread Monday morning clinics! Funny as the patients are just beeoked in randomly. Yet this morning proved the point. We had 1 no-show, and yet with one missing we still managed to finish half-an-hour late. 3 of the 4 were nice people, but it just seemed to get later & later & later! Oh well, as it turns out I am only doing 2 clinics this week, so that's not too bad overall (and at least the morning went really quickly!)

I am not usually a Facebook user, but have a link here - Dixie Fire- Rebuild Greenville, CA Yesterday as I was looking through Instagram as that is one site I do like I found a posting from James. The town he grew up in was totally destroyed by the latest fires in California. He has posted the fund-raising link ... and no, I'm not advertising, just really reminding myself how much damage is happening again this year. There are also problems in Greece ... so much loss and sadness. I just hope that there is not too much loss of life, human or animal.

Now I have my clarinet to practice ,,, and a short walk to do. Then I must give my friend Toni a ring to catch up with, before Brenda comes.

But, as ever -

9. Which holiday is your favorite to decorate for?
I only decorate for Christmas
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